Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things are good...

So the gift giving season is officially upon me.  Yesterday I was completely freaking out because I totally thought Chanukah was on the 12th this year.   Then when the holiday didn't show up on my Google Calendar I was really whiggin'. But I am a goofball... Oops totally looking at 2009's calendar. So PHEW, I didn't totally under estimate how much time I had to shop, but now I am actually totally on schedule, I am actually far more ahead of the game than I usually am.  I have only one more, no wait, three more stops to make. 

I have a couple more gift cards to get, one stop at the mall and one other stop (look at me being all vague, but I don't really know who reads this and can't give my secret shopping joy away).  So I am totally way ahead of my game. 

Went to dinner last night at the original Pasquini's on Broadway.  It was so delicious and I have to admit the pizzetta was delicious this morning for breakfast even though I wanted it for lunch, breakfast was so much better.  I thank you F for treating me. I haven't been back at that location because it was the first place I went after WH died and I think I always associated it with that really bummer of a memory.  But you (F) made me remember Wilco and then I realized I need to break out those files and listen again because they are really good and I know that.  Then just as I sent him the links for the Colbert Report appearance he was watching it.  Funny. 

Oh and I shopped off list at Target last night and only forgot one thing. My dishwasher is not functioning (meaning the latch won't close, it isnt' worth spending 185 dollars to pay someone to come and fix it when I can get something that uses less water, makes less noise and is more energy efficient if I save for a couple of months and buy a new one).  So a 9 dollar dish rack isn't a bad investment but certainly not something that I absolutely need and I think that is why I didn't remember it, but it is on the list.  Pleanty of people survive with out a dishwasher, I can too for a little while.  F reminds me he survived with one bowl for years.  UM that totally freaks me out, but I can live without a dishwasher. 

I got some great work to do at the office today too.  I feel like I am making myself known for quality and dependability and that is what I want.  After so many years of feeling invisible and scared that I wasn't valued at the other places I worked (The Island and The Firm... for those of you following along all these years), I feel better finally about my job.  I actually very much like going to work and know how completely lucky I am that I am able to say that I am going to work daily.  This is a great company and really a pretty great group of people.  Lucky Lucky Lucky. 

I have turned on the fireplace because it is friskily cold outside.  It is really comforting.  And so is the result I just got from my Magic 8 ball. 

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