Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So here I am sittingat work in my office/cube and making the best of it. I have been extremely busy workwise which usually happens year end as expected.

I am watching the woot off like something really good and really cheap is going to post because my precious peanut babies I have a zero balance on my credit card (well I nearly always consider that I have a zero balance because I pay that sucker off at least twice a month like my life depends on it, well my credit rating does anyways).  So far nothing has just wow'd me. But I have been busy working as well so I haven't been able to check my little stat bar at the bottom of my firefox window as often as I would like.

I had an interesting conversation with a cow erker this morning. She is largely a very nice woman but not very bright.  So it was interesting to try and hold a conversation with not sounding bitchy because I honestly truely felt like I was talking down to her.  I also realized that I am so incredibly lucky that I love my job.  L.O.V.E. THE McJOB. For sure. And how lucky am I?  I haven't always been so fortunate.  The Island was full of ebbs and flows and the Firm sucked me dry emotionally.  Here the worst thing is feeling like I am talking down to someone. Seriously.... I snapped at the Receptionist this morning, I was on the phone she came over to my desk with piles of paperwork which she was supposed to make copies of and didn't so I asked her to and she got snippey....oh hell no.  I am on the phone on top of all this.  So I got snippy now she is pouting at me.  Grow up.  Do everything you are supposed to before submitting the paperwork to me, I can't do anything for you until I have copies.  You know this. This is not the first time we have done this.  So I got snippy.  I will talk to her supervisor (the lady I feel like I was talking down to earlier) and explain, she needs to do a complete job so that I can f'n do mine.

Also the consultant that made the anti-semetic comment directly to me a few weeks ago was in the morning.  Totally walked into my office/cube and stood there looking at my computer screen, opened my lunchbox (!!!!!) and clearly needs a little lesson in boundries.  Plus he stunk of cough drops.  GET OUT. 

Read a funny blog where the poster put that she was d-whipped so funny and damn straight up brilliant to admit..  I need to remember that because sometimes... you know, I am.

Now that it is 5:01 I can post and punch out and go home. Woot--- Speaking off... I thought the woot-off totally would have finished with this, but its still a goin'... go fig.

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