Tuesday, November 18, 2008

watchout I am full of asides....

So Thank you Steve From Vancouver for your suggestion to not miss Of Montreal whilest talking between Bambi Lee Savage, beers and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  I wish I had bought you more than one beer, seriously, or at least gotten your email address, because you were awesome.  I had no idea.  First of all I like the 80s disco pop its a guilty pleasure.  Kind of like my appreciation for Howard Jones... see 80s disco. Anyways... I know I loose a little punk cred but fuck it... Always...give me a chance to shake my booty and I will, just ask those that saw me shake it at the Meadowlark Friday...I could have done it all night... but we cruised to the Larimer Lounge (I did get to see SlakJaw again  nothing like seeing a guy play a gutbucket bass and play it damn well...but that wasn't booty shaken stuff as much, but the point was proved during O'Death that dumbasses will mosh to anything).  Ok back to my love of the big show:  add theatrics to the thing and seriously I am down.  Whats even crazier is only now I am beginning to process what the f' it was actually, maybe about.  I know that there was a story line in there (besides the pig masks, buddah, ninjas and hanging... I know it).  Anyways it was a great show and Steve From Vancouver... I hope you had a great time at Sigour Ros because I had a great time at Of Montreal. And thanks F for getting me in, and thanks Scott for letting F in.  How about that for a little gratitude chain of joy?

See I am not a completely ungrateful bitch. 

In fact I really do think I am the complete opposite, I am just a little put off by a couple of minor little things from the last couple of days.  But that is as far as I can go or will go.  See a little self-censoring goes a long way. Its kinda hitting me from all directions and I am having a really hard time  biting my tongue but know that it is best that I don't say anything and get the fuck over it. Oh hell... I am not... changed my mind....

I thought that it might be that I am just ill equipped to deal with crowds, but that isn't it at all...because Sunday night at the show I had a great time smack dab in the middle of the crowd. Had a great time.  Maybe it was because the people at the concert were there to I DON'T KNOW enjoy themselves and not be a pretentious fucker?  No one stood there and talked about the cultural significance of the pig head ninjas, but certainly they could have and it would have meant something. 

But earlier Sunday night no, and last night no, not so much.  But I think it really comes down to people who think that they are so brilliant and smart and interesting when really... not so much.  Sunday standing in line for popcorn for F, I had to listen to these people jabber on about how important a director so and so is.  Seriously?  Shut up, no one really cares that this guy could "be the next George Lucas" that I seriously find doubtful.  Then the festival gal shlepps a ticket holder line totally through the middle of the concession line which was unbelievably rude and unnecessary considering she made that line go through a set of doors further away from where the ticket takers were.  Then the concession line moved like molasses as it was and this little detour made it worse.  It was awful and I missed the beginning of the film I was there to see.  For a five dollar bag of fucking popcorn peicelets (but refils are free!).  Then last night.... oh last night.... Don't get me wrong, Denver is getting to be far more culturally significant than it was say even five years ago, but asshole loud talker guy, you are standing inthe alcove to buy tickets to see the same damn Wesley Willis documentary, Joyrides as I want to see so shut up, this movie isn't going to turn the axis of documentary filmmaking on its ear. I promise you.

Wesley Willis was a schizophrenic who happened to have a recording deal and got some time on MTV, sure interesting and amazing stuff but I doubt you spent any time with him.  I did.  Not a lot and I don't claim to have any more insight than the next person that knew Bill and hung out with him and Wesley Willis when he came through Denver and played at the Lions Lair and The Raven, but seriously... shut the fuck up loud talker guy you know nothing.  He actually thought he was still alive.  Really.  It was aggravating. Then I don't get in.  I sat out in the alcove waiting for F, for a half hour, don't get my ticket because like a dumbass thought he wanted me to wait for him and the damn movie sells out so I don't even get to see the one doc at the festival this year I really wanted to because he was already in line and didn't get me a ticket.  Trust me it isn't a big deal, I doubt I missed that much, but I did have to listen to that schmuck for a half hour talk out of his and smoke like a chimeny.  F did try to give me his ticket but I was bent enough (there was even a guy with a sponsor laminate (THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE) that was willing to give me his ticket, but F said "its ok dude...we are ok" um... what wait?  what? I would have bought that guys ticket... we are not ok here... So that twisted me more, so I made him keep his ticket and see the film and cruised, talking to myself as I walked away from the theater... whose crazy now?) it was best that I didn't stay, I was pissie.    The festival people this year are assholes.  Not like last year, where I sat next to the lady in The Outsiders of New Orleans and had a great time and went and kibbitzed with after and she offered to teach me how to knit.  Everything I have seen this year has been full of pretentious yutzes. 

I will give this years festival one more shot, maybe.  I am about to hit the "purchase online" button (which I should have done for the movie last night... but for some reason really just assumed incorrectly that I would get a ticket in queue... I should not have waited...or assumed we'll meet out here meant  anything other than buy your ticket and get in line without me, ok? I am getting bitchy and I mean it to be amusing I swear)....I just think I have enough piss in my sails that I will wait until these show up on cable and not go.  I just have this sourness. 

Ok so here is the round of of what I am thinking about considering going to see that hopefully will redeem the festival in my eyes (maybe one of these three can turn my sourness around):
Happiness is a Warm Gun - remember hearing about this?  no? really?  huh....
Life.Support. Music - This actually looks a little more affirming than what I missed yesterday and I should be able to leave the office early on Thursday to make it in time since it starts at 6:15
Surveillance - does Jennifer Lynch have the knack her dad does?

But I don't know if at this point it is worth it. Honestly. I might find more value going and chasing down a couple of movies online or even retail. I don't think it is.  I wanted to give it a shot this year... but too maddening and not in a good way.  I might just go and see Rachel Getting Married for the same price and get popcorn included (and Jonathan Demme is a culturally significant director maybe). This really honestly is the way I going. I will get a canned but warm welcome to the theater from some random employee before the movie which I actually think is kinda charming.  I think I just talked myself out of the remainder of the fesitval.  Wow that wasn't really all that hard.

Just found a way to possibly add the Gigbot Calendar to my google calendar too.  Sweet.

I have been listening to some stuff I downloaded.  Basically it is like 200 versions of Ring of Fire.  Since going to the roo bar on Sunday I realized it is the one song from the jukebox when they were in Cherry Creek I missed hearing ( the Stan Ridgeway version)  it, so found a collection. So found it but in a collection of like 200 other versions, but surprisingly...not bad. 

Oh and by the way its noon... and grrrrrrr. 

That is all.

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