Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have this coupon for Borders basically, buy one get one half off.... but see here is the deal, I haven't even read the McSweeneys yet  (I have all issues except number 4) so how can I go and buy more books?  I went looking to see if there was something that I couldn't live without on my wish list or whatnot but seriously... no.

I have four boxes of books that I haven't read in my storage locker that I know of, so time has come today to break out some fiction and get to readin'. 

Thanks for the offer Borders, but um, I will take a pass.

But there are six things that I am loving big time today (outside of the fact that I am skipping the remainder of the DIFF, we already established that):

Hint Water - I might have written about this when I got my IPhone (they had it for those in line waiting, which I thought was so awesome)... so yummy... and I am dehydrated beyond all belief right now, so this water thing is very important.

Lady Bug Push Pins - They are making my bulletin board cheerie, mine came from Paperchase though

The smell of well made microwave popcorn - when its overdone its miserable but WS just made it perfectly and its really nice.

The fact that I am leaving the office early hopefully today

Our recycled rulers made out of jeans and yellow pages, I think this is my next favoritest of the swag.

The fact that the Franks Wild Years album has come up twice in my Media Player today (without even being prompted)

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