Friday, November 14, 2008

Listening to Ryan Bingham.  My musicbuddy here at work brought it in for me to check out.  Its all sorts of just heartbreakingly gorgeous and alt-country and beautiful.  My soundtrack for the day appears to be this, Tom Waits (from the South American compilations that I downloaded), m doughty (and yes soul coughing) and a little Aenka and the sampler from Bocumast for flavah. 
It is grey and snowie outside and the perfect weather for sleeping in, but unfortunately for me it wasn't in the cards since I am the only admin on the floor today because of a training (that I did not want to take all day) so I had to be here on time. Boooooo.

Happy Birthday to you F as well.  Drinks are on me later.  PBRs for everyone. 

Went to the mall last night to prep out a little holiday shopping.  It was a little weird that everything was set up for Red and Green-ness already.  It actually creeped me out just a little bit.  I felt like I completely missed Thanksgiving or something.  I remember back in the day when getting the holiday decorations up and ready retail wise was a huge deal, that it was unveiled and not just what it has become.  It almost seemed to be an obligation.  And P.S. Cherry Creek Mall? The snowglobes are tired, retire them and go back to the hugemonginourmous tree already. Of all the retail slaves that I interacted with the only one that seemed to give a hoot about  enjoying his job was the dude at Urban Outfitters.  Yes you read that right... Urban Outfitters.  The guy was friendly, willing to help me find something that I was looking for and was friendly and thanked me for coming in.  And even though I don't agree with the politics that the owner has or had (I haven't read up lately), that my dearies is why I go back and by my post its there.              

I have some writing I have to do today which thankfully will keep me happy and creative after I get out of the chair and do my obligation of filing.  Time to put on the headphones and pull out the sansa... at least that helps.  I should probably be able to file all that in five minutes with the right music.
There that filing is done.  Now I can chill and relax, put away the promo goodies even...why no one else seemingly can lock that stuff up is beyond me, but whatever, now to work on some mail magic.

Happy day to you and you...


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