Monday, November 03, 2008

I survived. I wasn't sure if I would, but I did.

I thought I was going to make myself completely crazy, Saturday, but I survived and I am totally proud.

Halloween we went over the Hi-Dive for a couple of really great bands. I didn't costume it, but Dave K made me "dark side of the moon" which was magic. I think I pulled it off and the Root Beer Vodka cocktail helped. Don't you dare mock, because it was delicious. Walked by BW's old house, forgot the good times there. As we were walking by I thought of Star Wars sheets, freezing my ass off having to crash wearing mittens, and great closets. Saturday we went out not to a nightclub but to a bar which was really actually pretty fun. We had a chance to chat, not about anything heavy which was totally great. Just nice chit chat and came home. Last night we went over Angelos for pizza, it was like a time warp, nothing has changed since I was a young girl and we went there for dinner. I had a first date with S there when I was 15. And last night it kind of felt the same. It was fun. Then we went to TV on the Radio at the Ogden. It was so good. The Dirtbombs just kicked my ass. To the very last minute they pounded those drums. Then TV on the Radio knocked me out. Took some fair pictures. Not the best, but we made fun of the guy using a flash for every shot unneccesarily. Saw the pictures today...over shot dude. Drop that flash down, you can adjust it. I of all people shouldn't be the one to tell you that. Besides you are getting paid for your pictures probably or didn't have to pay to get in, which I gladly did by the way.

I had no trick or treaters. It was kind of a drag.

Catching up on tv tonite and getting through all my magazines and to do list.

My friend got engaged over the weekend, and the flickr post of the proposal just made me absolutely cry. It was brilliant and so funny. I am so happy for those to wackie kids I can't stand it. Now I have to come up with an appropriate engagement present. Don't judge, but I might see about a set of these.

OK back to watching tv.

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