Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Free Stuff update: not doin' it.

Ok the free taco offer at Mezcal does sound all sorts of awesome, but that is just because I am thinking um, Mezcal is all sorts of awesome.

But... I am not going and getting my free coffee at Starbucks, I like Dazbog and that is how I roll. Free or not no thank you.

So the free donut at Krispy Kreme was inticing only because it is covered in jimmees but I like me the Lamars donuts (they also serve Dazbog by the way) more and they are closed and not offering free donuts so... no sugary doughie goodness for me.

Um the gratis scoop of Ben and Jerry's? I have a freezer full of gelato anyways so that isn't even inticing. 

Besides the free giveaway in Brooklyn is way to far away. 

So I will sit on the edge of my couch freakin' out.  I am not as worried now as I was this morning when there were no returns.  Now that they are coming in I am going to just relax, roll with the punches and hope for a good result.  Lets just sit back and enjoy the race to 270 why don't we?

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