Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Haloweenie...

I want to take this little moment to thank those geniuses at NBC who are streaming the full episodes from last night's Prime Time today already.  I neglected to set the VCR (damn you obsolete technology that I still have in my house) for NBC last night and didn't get The Office and 30 Rock.  So happy that I could spend my time "responsively" at home now watching them.  Yeah I left early.  I miss the trick or treaters at my desk, there is plenty of candy in the dish, they can pick what they want. Last year the kids came by my desk and I wasn't into it so I gave them mints. This year, its the good stuff, I just won't be there to coo over them.  Oh well.  Better to be home on the couch. And I have heart burn and didn't have tums with me so the perfect excuse for a little R & R and PTO.

My costume this year? Slack.

Have a great time tonite, if your going to drive don't drink and if your going to drink don't drive... that's all folks. 

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