Saturday, November 22, 2008

I had a terrific weekend. One that hit all the right notes.

Friday at work I just didn't keep myself busy enough. I tried really hard, but I set myself up for knowing what I will do this upcoming week which will probably be even a little slower since there is the holiday and all the big kahunas are out of the office. I am actually a little excited about the idea of having the time to do what I have to do to get my desk and cubie thing all cleaned out.

When I came home I got all sorta spruced up. I met up with F and his friends D and L (and for a brief moment a flash...D) for a little snackie and beer at Sputnik. I ordered the arepe's but I realized I made a dining faux paux and should have ordered the mac and cheese. Oops. Didn't see it on the menu, didn't look down far enough. So corn cakes with spicy meat it was.

From there we went over to the Pepsi Center for Coldplay. Now here is the deal. My boss (who left the company in August bought the tickets but since he left I inherited them. I was a little excited about the idea of going to the big rock show. Seriously it was entertaining. The neon confetti leaf things (oops the article says they were butterflies, which when they came out of the machines were magical) were honestly my favoritest moments. My least favorite moment... the super sticky floor, seriously that was nasty. F and I walked out of the venue amused and entertained which was the total point. There were alot of people who probably got much much more out of the show. One thing that I also enjoyed was the band walking out into the audience and playing in the "bleachers". It was charming (which is a word I used more than once this weekend).

We were going to go to a party but because it was about 11:30 decided to just come home. I stopped at the liquor store for some beers (at the total last minute) at the place over on Evans and Colorado Blvd. The guy yelled at me "hurry up we are closing" as I walked in the door. OK OK gosh. But I knew the six pack of Heineken was all I needed. Stood in line behind a couple of kids buying Vox Lemonade and Sprite. It sounded like a nasty ass mix but they invited me over to their dorm. Hi, and no, I have my man waiting for me at home, can't.

Came home had some beers and F showed me some nuances of my new camera which was rad. Showed him the "through the lens" action with my arrow. It was fun to share something funky with him technique-wise.

Saturday we went for burgers to Five Guys. It was packed and busy and delicious. I really liked how I made my burger and the fact that they pack the bag with French Fries. Phew on ordering only one order. We had a great lunch. It is also really good to know it is delicious because it is so close to my office.

Saturday night there was alot going on. Met F up at the Meadowlark for the Jason Cain CD Release (he is the singer of Astrophagus, who are terrific, but didn't get to see him unfortunately). Saw Elin Palmer and The Beebs and had to jam over to the 3 Kings for the Velvet Cash show (which I promised to shoot some pictures at, they really should update that shot... lord knows I have taken more recent ones than the one they have up there... bygones). Then cruised back to the Larimer Lounge for Dead Confederate which was surprisingly good. I got to shoot a little bit and it was so great. I got a little geeked out and I really appreciate F not making too much fun of me. Chatted with some people after the show and Brian asked me if I was F's other half... uh.... ummmmmm..... huhhhhh.... yeah? It was awkward. But I kinda liked saying it.

Came back home and lounged around in bed all morning. It was terrific.

And today I ran over to the mall to pick up Calexico tickets for tomorrow night. Its is actually ok to pay for a show now and again. I would have waited until tomorrow night but I was worried it would sell out and didn't want to walk up and see the "sorry sucka" sign. Walked through the mall which was really busy actually. I walked through a couple of stores and was largely disappointed by the stuff stocked. I am at a huge loss for some of the holiday gifties I need to work on. Yikes. I just don't want it sneaking up on me and getting stuck with something really bad.

I am hoping that this week I can get over the end of this cold and stop coughing, its really f'n annoying.

Ok... off to get stuff ready for the work week and to finish up on a little tv now that it is 10:00. Hope your weekend ruled as much as mine did.

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