Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Thanksgiving is coming up and there are alot of things that I have to be thankful for of course, it has been well documented how good things are and I am grateful for every little nuance and minutia seriously.

But today... today I am sitting here at my desk honestly getting paid for doing not much. I lament that I don't feel guilty about it either. I am not by any stretch of the imagination working hard on most days. There are people out there in the world busting their proverbial humps daily and I commend them. The day care workers changing the diapers of kids that are not their own, nursing home workers changing the diapers of parents that aren't their own for that matter.  So I know how damn good I got it.

That being said... let me kvetch just a little bit....Last night we went and saw Calexico. It was lovely for the most part.  The musicians were amazing.  Gregory Alan Isakov makes me want to cry he is so good.  But in the middle of his set this stupid girl starts screaming "oh ma gawh how did your Saturday night end up"... oh seriously honey... no one in the room really gives a rats ass.  You are literally in the front of the room yelling over Denver's probably best singer songwriter belting out brilliant tunes of heartache.  No one really cares.  Shut up.  We wanted to kill her.  Or stuff a ball gag in her pie hole and get her to shut up. It was awful.  I know you paid to see Calexico probably but still... be courteous. Another observation was the amount of cellphone texting going on in the middle of the show.  One girl had her cell phone out the entire time.  Not only was it also completely distracting she had this really creepie look in the blue glow of the phone.  I dont understand that.  Nothing in this world is that important to text in the middle of something like that the entire time.  Go home and pick up the phone, or go outside, but don't ruin it for me because you need to text.  So I moved away from her then she proceeded to move next to me again.  That was in fact really funny.  I didn't see an old friend that I was hoping to but it was a really crowded room and didn't want to look too "stalkerie" even though F made fun that I kinda did.

Thank you Gothic Theater as well for the Coat Check.  That was the most amazing part of the whole night I have to admit ambiance wise. The bartenders sucked but the coat check and the girl at the coat check amazing.  I stood waiting for 2 entire songs with a 20 waiting for attention for the gal bartender to stop talking to her friend, the guy washing the glasses said he was too busy to help me and the other guy bartender walked by me over 7 times, found time to clear the tips off the bar, but not get me a beer to earn another one.  I mean come on, alcohol sales are your bread and butter... cut the crap and serve your customers.  I left a shittie tip which I didn't even want to do because JUST as I was about to turn and walk away the gal says... oh hon what can I get for you. Then she charged me five bucks for a diet soda.  That is bullshit. The diet soda with vanilla vodka earlier was 4.50 this was no booze? What the fuck.  I didn't feel like arguing and just wanted to get back to the show.  I usually tip a buck a drink no matter if you tap the beverage gun or pop a cap off a beer. This cow got fifty cents.  She was lucky at that. Its a shame that I felt obligated to tip them at all. I need to get over that.

I also think that I really need to get another Vetrinarian for Herschel. I am just really not happy with the guy I go to now.  Dr. Steve is a nice enough man I am sure, but I just didn't like the way he spoke AT me yesterday.  There was nothing proactive or postitive about the way he talked to me and about the fact that Herschel is starting to age a little bit.  He has the beginings of a heart murmur which isn't a big deal at this point but then he goes on and on about open heart surgery and this and that but doesn't tell me anything in the interum about what we can do to manage the situation and make sure my puppy is ok.  What to look for, how to check to see he is ok... just one extreme to the other.  Its a shame because I like to be loyal but I don't feel like he understands that I am able to process and remain calm.  It is like he wanted me to freak out.  I didn't.  I got angry at him.  Tell me what to do I say... he doesn't tell me anything except surgery for repair might be an option.  Nope, not doing that, it is completely unnecessary at this point, this I know.  Calling my Mom's puppy doctor next week to see what he says.  I can get copies of his records transfered if necessary.  I am done. 

Listening to bootleg Tom Waits this morning. Its just what I need.  I think.  Just enough grangly love song action for me.

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