Wednesday, November 19, 2008

holy gross....

Me no likey the new gmail layout and color scheme.  It ain't broke yo... don't "fix" it.  Anyways.... so today.. this is my deal.  I have to crunch some numbers for my Executive Director.  I totally tried to pass it off to HER ASSISTANT who whines and kvetches.  So fine.  I will do it.  I am going to be this woman's assistant eventually anyways so I might as well take this on too.  Blurp. Blorp. Done.  I don't care if I can add a pebble background or not...teh fug.

So last night when I prepped the coffee I didn't put the carafe all the way under the spout thingie and went into the kitchen post alarm this morning (yes I was awoken to "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols, seriously 101.5 radio I think I want to marry you)  to a rightful mess.  I was so desperate for coffee I actually licked the counter.  Then I cleaned it up and made a new pot but honestly major bone head move on my part. The not placing the coffee pot correctly, not the slurping off the counter part. That I do not regret. 

I am home now and am going to do two things for sure tonite... clean the heck out of this joint and skip Fishbone.  I know I know... how dare I as a card holding carrier of remembering the show at the Rainbow dare miss the show? Well let me tell you that was the hey day my little preciousness... not so into the idea of watching it now.  It was fun then, now it might just be sad.  We interviewed them at a show and I have to admit it kind of turned me off and that was years ago.  Not much has changed I guess. 

My hair is making me absolutely crazy today too.  I am about to call my "gal" and make an emergency appointment. Sorry Locks of Love I don't think I am going to make it. 

Ok ready to begin the clean.... YESSS!

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