Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things are getting better and better.  Seriously.  No sarcasm in that statement.  I am serial.  I got a notice in the mail yesterday for my polling place with a mail in ballot piece of information.  I think I missed the deadline, but when looking online I found a early polling place about a mile from work.  So no long long lines for me on November 4th.  This is a huge relief for me I have to admit.  Colorado's ballot is the largest that it has ever been and there are a lot of measures that need serious attention outside of the Presidency and I didn't want to and was worried that I would, get frustrated and walk away from the lines on the Election Day. 

So ... tomorrow I am going to go on my lunch, do my civic duty as a registered voter and git it dun. 

I was going to bake cupcakes last night but got completely sidetracked by television... shocker.

I found when I went to get Guinness last night... Coney Island lagers....seriously if only for the labels how freakin' fun (yes blah blah blah pun intended).  It looks like they have it on tap at the Double Down if you are in the Las Vegas area you too can try it (hey now... they opened one in NYC? What the hull... that's not right.. that is probably where you can get it actually not in Vegas... so go to Houston and A if you are in NYC to get it on tap and your ass juice shot I suppose with midgets... huh). and if you are perhaps in NYC for CMJ you can go to Katz's Deli or like 100 other places or Doc Hollidays in Manhatten. Just a couple of ideas.  Look at me pimpin the beer... and midget pO*rn.  I bought the beers solely on the labels but also the fact that HeBrew is not bad at all.  Dad and I got wasted (ok I did) at Grandpa's one night so how bad really can it be?  And it's kosher so I can bring it to the frummie family events and look like I am being fun instead of trying to erase the fact that I am there. 

G is moving back in Feb I just found out. Sweet.

I totally forgot to point out that I had a fantastic breakfast at Dixons on Saturday.  No doubt it was so good.  AND I really like their green chile.  I keep forgetting to call and let them know our waiter was really terrific.  And the tip was NO accident my friend, yes you were that good.  Ok so we didn't exactly get beverage refils like I would have liked but that was the only thing that was lacking.  F picked it and I have to admit I wasn't thinking much of it but then the food came and I was a happy little pre-museum going camper. 

After lunch and feeding our meters we went over to the MCA Denver to see the Damien Hirst exhibit.  Now... here is the thing.  I like Damien Hirst alot.  I think he is about as audacious at Jeff Koons who I would wet kiss if he would let me. BUT four peices?  Wow.  Kind of a serious let down, the man is prolific as hell, why two Butterfly Paintings, One Medicine Cabinet Peice and St. Sebastian?  That is it.  LET DOWN.  No spin art? Seriously?  I am not kvetching seriously here people.  I loved it.  LOVED IT. And good for the MCA for getting what they did, its a huge thing for such a small contemporary art museum, it means Denver is on the map, but fuck all... four peices? 

Plus our docent was giving out all sorts of misinformation on all the other peices on our tour.  It was horrific.  I finally just started tuning him out.  I am sure the dude is a nice enough guy but really?  Dead Guy (F pointed that one out to me)? Che Guevara? Nope you don't know your peices buddy.  And he kept trying to insert what he thought of the peices too.  Not at all appropirate with out being asked by the group my friend.

Bad, no one is interested.  He left out significant information about the works too. Didn't even discuss the Hirst stuff out side of the fact that he didn't know squat about St. Sebastian and the fact that the butterflies didn't hatch in his studio but he found them and curated them dead already and that the medicines in the cabinet were prozac and "some other animal drugs".  After the auction there is so much information out there there is no excuse for him to not know anything... read wikipedia for goodness sake... sha. 

But, that being said I got to see some Hirsts (if just four peices) up close which was a thrill. Now if I could just find the peice at the Denver Art Museum (supposedly they have "Party Time" but I haven't EVER seen it) I would really be happy. 

There was a photography exhibit too that was pretty sensational.  And the docent guy seemed to know a little bit more about her process than any thing else there but also probably gave us wrong information.  I tried to look interested since I have the photography bug but seriously grrrr it was frustrating.  And he was dismissive about why they didn't put the titles under or near the works but on a hand out on a shelf outside the gallery but didn't tell us the list was there until I asked...(it would take away from the peice he said... um.... really? The titles of the work helped me to understand what Jane Hammond was doing with her collages but pardon me not for "getting it" with out the title sheets... it was bullshit). But everyone else was so eager and so nice it was hardly worth getting annoyed by the guy.  He probably is totally a volunteer and this was maybe one of his first groups or something.  I don't know.  I would definately just pick up the gallery cards next time and come to my own conclusions. 

Saturday I hope to get to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Steele Gallery as they have some peices by the  Starn's hanging now.  I didn't know about it until I saw a post on 20x200 today about them. The show comes down Saturday night so it will be interesting to see how they work for sure.  I am trying desperately to find something to kick  my ass back in gear photography wise.  I feel like I am in this rut.  Sure show shots are cool but honestly I don't have the gear for it and the shots I took Friday of Velvet Cash show. 

So I need to branch out.  Try something new.  That is the goal.

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