Monday, October 20, 2008

music and passion are always in fashion...

I have been listening to these downloads of a South American fan club for Tom Waits that I got online last week.  They ARE the MAGIC.  That is all. I will post more later, I just wanted to make note that I am also really  pysched to watch Big Time which I also got.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to watch it but F totally hooked me up and told me all I have to use a VLC player (which I have for the FLAC files of the shows we went to) so I was golden.  I might crank up the music (I also updated the settings on my laptop and don't have to use external speakers to listen to the stuff while sitting right in front, I can now actually have the speakers on and hear music in the kitchen which is awesome.  I might have to get some remote speakers though.  I am amassing quite a collection of music.

And some of the music today has really made me happy. I have skipped through alot of it.  I am looking for lots of atmospheric stuff and altered images isn't what I was thinking.  So far the music that has made me the happiest is some imported Grinderman tracks from a Argentinian bootleg, Tindersticks and of course the Tom Waits, especially the Tom Waits.  The leaves are turning, the clouds are rolling in, its just perfect Tom Waits music looking outside.  There is something about autumn that screams "you must listen to this music right now all the time".  I don't know if it is the meloncoly of the seasons changing, some of my personal history with autumn and the memories that always seem to spark in my head but this is just a perfect soundtrack for me right now. August is Chet Baker for some reason.  September to November is Tom Waits.  December to about March I would easily associate with The Clash (just keeps me going and I remember walking about Convention CRANKING it), Spring would be....hummmm lets see... maybe Lamb?  All I know I have been really happy with Tom Waits today, especially today. 


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