Wednesday, October 15, 2008

blah blah blah

So I am all sorta crazed about somethings already this morning. 

See first of all I totally over slept. 

Over slept by 10 minutes which is a lifetime in my morning process getting up, getting the coffee made (and brewed and into a cup before I...), get Herschel walked, get my hair semi-straightened (which means get the iron hot), get lotion on, get dressed, get lunch packed, get breakfast done (if I do that, which is definately NOT today), get bag packed with tons of crap I hardly need to carry around with me on a daily basis but do anyways because I am a horder and find comfort in walking around with 500 pens, a stapler, two notebooks, candy, an extra headband, 5 jumpdrives...well you get the idea and then get out the door to get into the office my 8:15.  Yeah didn't happen this morning.  I got here a minute after I needed to, which annoys me no end.  I know its awfully silly and it isn't like I get "dinged" or "in trouble" its just annoying that I made myself nuts already today. 

I have a couple of really cool cow-erkers that I share music with and one of them today brought me in a cd for the Soundtrack for Into the Wild.  I do work with really nice folks.  And because I am sitting at my desk with headphones on (and to think back when I temped at the mining company the agency that sent me thought that it was awful that I did that, I will never forget it, I will also never forget the fact that when my temp job was over I was really relieved because I just was freaked out environmentally by what they did, I miss that chick I shared a cubie wall with, she called everyone "hon" and was like 30 too, she was fun as all heck) I am always looking for new things to listen to. So anytime I get a chance to spy what F has on his IPod I do because seriously that is a magical peice of knowledge.  I keep forgetting to give him mine to load.  I should probably just go and get a 120 gb one and have him go crazy since my current Ipod is a 20GB (which is crazy that a couple years ago that was this highest storage they had and now its antiquated).  Not that I need to spend $249 bucks right now (I mean seriously that is a camera lens or something, phew just talked myself out of that, I don't need it really.  What am I thinking?).

I am trying to make a decision about some work responsibility stuff.  I really don't know if I want to take on this project I have been potentially been roped into.  See I don't know realistically if it is something that I should be doing but our office supervisor who I think this work should fall under is worthless. Yeah there I said it.  I don't know what she does other than manage ST's calendar and then not even so much of that and chat online with other co-werkes via IM and take 2 hour lunches.  So I have to meet with our Director and speak with her about it because seriously, I don't want the responsibility. And it is causing me a lot of consternation because I don't want to be the gal that ever says "no" to new job responsibilities but this one scares the bejebus out of me because seriously I am not the right person at all unless of course I get a scale upgrade in my pay to compensate me for the responsibility and yes I am going to bring that to the table.  I haven't said no to anything previous to this but I am whiggin about the fact that this is beyond my sending out a monthly reminder email. 

I am jamming though on other work that I need to get done so that is good that I am a little nuts because I am really making sure things get done. 

I do think that its time to go and run some errands... hope your day is a happy one dear reader... I know who you are.  Smoochies to you.


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