Sunday, October 12, 2008

Better today. Much better today. Had an interesting evening but in a really great way (as always). Went and met PoPo for dinner with F. They bought dinner which was a treat. We had some agave liquor which was tasty. Went to the Hi-Dive to see Starfucker who were really entertaining and great. On our way in, the door guy made my day and asked a question about F and I that made me really happy. Hee. I said loud enough for F to hear that I appreciated the question. The band was great. Entertaining, talented and loud. Their merch table was outstanding. Along with their cd's and vinyl records they had dresses, hats and glasses. Talked cameras got a good beer and went in the face of journalism to another club. Whatever that wasn't the highlight, but interesting. I don't know if it will get written about, it might, but he could.

When I woke up this morning after actually sleeping well for a first time in a while I realized I am a lucky lucky gal and wanted to make sure that I remember that. I have spent almost all day doing laundry and realizing even now how really fortunate I am. This is a pretty magical thing here. I can't say at all what I have to but I hope that he knows. He probably doesn't.

I also got a good sage peice of advice on some camera stuff too. Bonus.

Big event tomorrow. I think that I am ready. All I know is I have to wake up super early to get to Westminster way early in the morning for set up and registration. But I am down with that. It also means that I get to leave early tomorrow too! Which is all sorts of awesome too.

So hope you dear reader had a fantastical weekend and that it leads up to kick bootay week.

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