Monday, October 27, 2008

There are certain things in this world that are neither earth shattering nor shocking.  But soul shaking.  I sit here in my bathrobe fresh out of the shower (which was too hot for this climate as it is starting to get really dry again) and I realize... I am a huge dumbass. Yep. Dumb. Ass.  Why? Well... here it is... simply and straightforward like... I bought the wrong camera. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love my camera.  It has brought me great joy over the last 6 months or so. Seriously.  LOVE IT.  See how easy that is to say?  LOVE IT.  LOVE YOU CANON S5 IS LURVE YOU... but... still it is the wrong camera.  I can't even remotely do what I need to with it.  When I bought it I was trusting that when the guy said I could buy lenses for it and could get an adapter ring which would then fit any lens that I want to buy later I believed him.  Straight up. Didn't question it. Didn't assume he didn't know what he was talking about...but... when I look up to get a low light lens I find... that wow...he lied. 

So now I am pondering something very wonderful, what camera do I invest in so I have the right one?  I  don't know.  I am actually very excited by this prospect.  I have to be honest I am.  I find that I am looking up cameras and camera bodies and am thrilled about it.  I feel very punk rock about it too.  I feel like I am giving the big ole middle finger to the economy, the political system and wallstreet spending money right now.  I been rocking the overtime the last few months and honestly now I know it is worth it because I have a small little surplus o' cash and can spend it how I wish.  Sure I could go and buy some clothes (not that I have any room in my closet), thought about buying some snazzy boots but I have some (and again... closet space it at a serious premium), I have bought the birthday presents and other gifts that are necessary and given with care, I think I am ready to upgrade again. 

Ready as I will ever be actually. 

Besides this camera thing is now giving me something to obsess about other than some things going on in my personal life.  Stupid shit that has me all twitterpated and whiggie but in a good and interesting and fun way in my head that is. Things that I didn't ever anticipate thinking about ever... so now that I am, its weird.

I was looking up some places online to potentially buy cameras, found some super cheap places, but whoa do a little searching on customer experiences and you would be shocked how awful these places are written about.  One of the places is a total bait and switch joint out of the 100 maybe people posting only one had anything positive to say.  I will be buying from Amazon for sure.  I am ok giving Jeff Bezos my dollars.  I am down with that. 

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