Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Denver Arts Week - Nov 14-22

Ok so I have been feeling largely inspired by several things (obviously wanting to upgrade my camera was a kicker... and thanks Bro for the sage advise and backing me up on the J&R... that will be sweet)  and in my email this morning and yesterday too I am flooded by media.  Its a very very good thing. 

I am hearby putting all you Denver Readers on notice.  I want to have you have to participate in at least ONE event during Denver Arts Week.  Do one thing please.  I never ask you to do anything. Have I ever? I don't remember. Anyways.  Plenty to do around here during this time that is for sure. In fact it even really starts off the week before with First Friday on November 7th.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

I am still compiling the list of the movies / er...films that I want to see at the Denver Film Festival this year.  A couple were actually brought to my attention that I missed when glancing through the schedule yesterday so maybe I will get a list of the things that I might see together today, it might be tomorrow.

I am struggling though to keep busy at work right now.  I know that there are tons of things that I can get done but whoa nelly I am hardly motivated.  Taking the couple hours yesterday morning for a little mental health break was warranted I think for sure. I am glad I did it.  I should have taken the whole day off but just couldn't. 

And in other Dumb Ass moves yesterday... put my mp3 player on my IPhone and it made the thing go all wonkie (well the screen at least) and finally had to reset it which was a pain in the ass.  But its fixed which is really a nice thing but it had me really annoyed for about 10 minutes thinking I totally jacked it up. 

So today I am going to go and vote, get a new radio/alarm clock for the bedroom (the alarm isn't working anymore ... thus waking up late yesterday and sleeping with one eye open this morning waiting waiting waiting but having nothing happen), return some stuff to amazon (they are super cool) and see Velvet Cash tonite. If'n you want discount tickets for the door, email me and I will send you a ticket to get you in for two bucks.

I am hoping F comes through with tickets for Monday... all of a sudden, kinda totally into it.  Hmmmmm.  Ok off to get some workie mcworkerson things done so that I can justify leaving to vote! Yay go me.

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