Monday, October 27, 2008

ruminations from Monday morning....

Last night went to a private show with F. We went to see the Drive By Truckers at the Bluebird (sorry I didn't fill out the linking agreement... I saw it and if you find this Jack Daniels brand... sorry you don't need my information, but I am not disparaging your brand or the event. So please don't sue me....Hell I had fun, after too for the record).

I am really super duper proud of myself for staying away from the swag. Normally I like that, its fun to see what marketing stuff gets put out there. I like the tchotchkes. I like it normally and will usually pick at least something up. I usually live for that crap but honestly for the first time EVER I just said no. Gave F the guitar picks, he got the tshirts and baseball cap. And not to say that I am ungrateful for the plentiful amount of swag they had but I am really proud of myself for saying "no thank you". The show was really great. I knew nothing about the Drive By Truckers before walking in outside of the fact F wore a tshirt of theirs once when I was at his house. So I was pleasantly surprised. They were awesome. Its a really great promotion. And the promo girls there were friendly and not snobby at all, for the record. Having been friends with my share of alcohol promo girls, I know there is a heirarchy and the girls can be um... snooty. Not so yesterday. OOOOOHHHHH I do have a question Jack Daniels promo folks... where did you get the personalized polaroid film? That shit was kicken. I am just sorry I was a jack ass because the picture would have been awesome. Should have found the girl to do another one.

So this morning it was tough shlepping out of bed, but I had to get into work. I am glad I didn't stay at Fs like I was thinking I would. I was comfortable there but holy start of the work week I knew I had to come home. If I didn't have an event tomorrow I probably seriously would have called in.

I have seriously been kicking out the great music today too. There is this downloadable Indie Rock playlist (shout out Criznittle) that monthly just rules and I finally am getting through December 07s. Hello Kate Nash.

Also on the radar for this morning when I have sometime... Denver International Film Festival Schedule is out this today. I haven't had much time to actually go through it but there are some interesting things. I will post more this afternoon after I have had time to digest the offerings. I am just excited that the schedule is up.

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