Sunday, October 26, 2008

so I am sitting here on my couch watching the Ex List which I have to admit is now my dirty little secret show.  It used to be America's Next Top Model which sadly Steevoh isn't recording anymore.  Well not really sad because I told Steevoh to not record it anymore but seriously The Ex List is really quite funny.  And I hated Rachel Boston as Ava on Grey Anatomy but she is adorable on this new show.  Now that I have said I like this show, it won't last. 

I had a moment of great angst last night but I am much much better today.  I had a moment where I was questioning everything, walking through a muck of insecurity and crazy.  But... I walked into the house after my night out and was better. I have this tendancy to make myself overthink things and get overly nostalgic.  So I get home and fall asleep knowing I am completely irrational.

Today is a great day so far. I am going to make some cupcakes, clean the house a little bit and run a couple errands in a little bit.  I have to drop off some old cell phones to Sprint, get this winter's supply of Keils Creme de Corps (I was sitting in F's car last night and could not stop itching it was awful I thought I was going to peel off my skin it was terrible), get some boxes to storage and then meet F for a private show at the Bluebird (fun!). 

It is my Grandma D's birthday today and even though she isn't with us anymore I feel like I need to celebrate her in some way.  I miss her tremendously and it breaks my heart that she isn't on the planet anymore and can't share in how things are in my life.  She would be so happy for me, for us, and I am sad that I can't just call her and say Happy Birthday, buy her some little tchotcke for her as a gift (she actually would have loved the wisks that I got Mom for her birthday, they are awesome and I would have gotten them for her I am sure).  I miss her tremendously. 

Back to the cute show. 

OH and I have to harvest the mint today too.

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