Thursday, October 23, 2008

I baked last night. I was impressed with the lightness of the cupcake when I tasted it out of the oven, but today... blargh so not tasty.  Actually the cupcake itself was super bland and boring and the icing recipe that came with it was boring and tasteless.  The jimmies had more taste than anything else.  So ... I will put them in a box take them to work tomorrow and try a different recipe tonite since I doubt I will be going out and doing anything.  I certainly don't mind baking.  I really enjoy it actually.  But I am using my old standard chocolate cupcake recipe that seriously rocks and making peanut butter buttercream instead of that chocolate cream cheese blach that I tried last night. NOT tasty, sour.  Even with remixing it with vanilla... sour.

So... I get back to the drawing, baking, boards which actually is all sorts of awesome actually.

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