Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So while I am on hold waiting to find out what the **bleep** is going on with Comcast (this is the second outage in my area in as many days, yeah the weather is lovely, what is the excuse?) I am about to have a major beef.  I thought I would wrap up my last couple of days. 

As Valentine already knows I went to the Mercury Cafe last night to watch F play.  I kinda bookended the evening with the Tarot Card reader dude.  He looked like a Wizard.  He was hanging out a little bit and then went into the other room. There was a Lindy Hop going on upstairs and as much as I wanted to in the moment go up there and watch the dancers I stayed downstairs.  This is what I saw... I actually saw someone bow a set of vibes.  F play sax.  Had to stop watching the band because they were so good I almost cried.  Seriously, then F and B and the guy sitting in on the piano started to jam and I couldn't look away.  When they stopped riffing (ok I am a dork) but they were playing parts of Someone To Watch Over Me (maybe that is what it sounded like) B said she had to sit down, she was emotional.  OH HONEY you have no idea.  I had to leave.  I couldn't stay and watch anymore it was seriously knocking me off.  Then Merlin the Tarot Card reader got up and started to sing.

Loaded 300 jump drives with materials for a program on Monday today at my desk.  I was a machine.  And I am glad that I am done with the chore because Friday when I go back into the office I won't have to feel any pressure to do it.  All I have is the standard day before type stuff to do.  It will be awesome.

And now the cable is totally out. Ah Comcast.  Seriously.  You kinda are not on my favorite things list right now.  So frustrating. 

I am just going to call it a night with Steevoh and read a book or something, like they did in the old fashioned days of yore.  Yore was kinda boring and since I am fasting I can't even do days of yore with a cocktail. 

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