Monday, October 06, 2008

Hi I'm Eden and I want you to ..... oh never mind... I am listening to ABC

I think I have one more week before I can go and do my annual photo journey through Fairmount.  I got this really bizzaro hit on a picture I took a couple years ago. I want to wait for the trees to turn just a little bit more, they are still just a little too green for me.  So hopefully next Saturday I can take my annual walk and take some pictures.  I really do look very much forward to it every fall and spring.   Some lady wanted to use it for her online tour guide for Denver, but got REALLY snippy with me when I said that it was a family monument for the Cheeseman Family at the Fairmount Cemetary NOT a monument at Cheeseman Park.  Whatever.  So my picture will not be posted on her site.  I don't care.  I have hardly EVER been someone that needed "hits" or "comments" or feedback on anything that I do. For the people whose opinions I seek I go directly to the source and ask I don't post anonymously (or semi anonymously like I do here and on Flickr) to get attention.  So there that is.

Mellow weekend, didn't do much. Friday night at Park Meadows picking up sweaters for my Grandpa's birthday I saw the most saddest thing ever.  A bachelorette party trapsing the mall.  I almost took a picture but I needed out of there.  I was getting really uncomfortable.  I didn't like being in the mall at all.  Yeah I said it.  I really didn't.  I felt really anxious and needed out.  But I thought it was really sad that this was the best those girls could do.

Went to First Friday at the Rock The Cradle store with F and some of his friends and ended up at 3 Kings (shut up) but we really did try and go someplace else.  Sat at a booth at Deluxe / Delite for about 10 minutes and didn't get any attention even when one of the guys in our group went to the bar he didn't get any attention... suck it Deluxe/Delite fancy open air bar.  Seriously Dylan... your staff bites.  I hate to call you out by name, you really don't know me... but I have been a patron of you and your husband for years and this was awful treatment.  Nice to walk into 3 Kings and be treated well.  And hear the Clash, Johnny Cash, Kiss and whatever else was playing on the jukebox.  Oh yeah... Iron Maiden... took me straight back to Teletunes days. And for your pleasure to take you back.... (yeah I rocked the air mic at the table...whataboutit?)

Had some great food at Jerusalem and then headed home.

Saturday dinner for Grandpa's birthday. Went to Grand Luxe at Park Meadows... again with Park Meadows... it was good I have to admit. The kitchen though needs to work on their starches. My rice was totally overcooked and nearly chewy and crunchy at the same time. And my grandfather's side of mashed potatoes were cold. But the main was terrific. Not expensive at all which was surprising. For the amount of food you get which is enough for three meals the price is right. I am a little hesitant to write this though, but I am going to anyways... when we were waiting outside (and note it was OUTSIDE) for my Mom to bring about the car, I saw these teensie tiny mice. Honestly they were just scrambling super fast across the walk. It was crazy. And it doesn't bother me seeing the little guys outside, just not inside you know. Anyways, it caught me off guard the first time, like holy shit, did I just see that? Then I saw it again. Not precious cute but cute and fast kind of thing.

Watched this documentary on Horders yesterday and I freaked myself out enough to do a little bit of cleaning out. Not alot and certainly not enough to open up some space but I swear I went through some old video tapes and realized... I am never going to watch Cupid dubbed from a dub with commercials. Shit, I can just watch it on the internet... and now... so can you:

So out of the dregs of storage went 20 video tapes. I gave the tapes to a nieghbor who still tapes stuff (and I might have to on Thursdays since 8-9 is all jacked up with steevoh and three shows on in that hour and Steevoh's ability to only record two at a time). But I don't need all those tapes. One will do just fine. So out they went. I felt good. Also got rid of the jacked up dubs of Twin Peaks. Now that I have the entire series on dvd I am happy. Baby steps but I am really desperate to get a handle on the clutter.

Ok off to continue on my day here at work.  Wrapping up the weekend and reaching out to hit you up with a Happy week wish.... mmmmwwwwah.

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