Thursday, October 09, 2008

So I get an email this morning telling me that my photo is being included in this online map thing, after I told the lady that the photo is a monument at Fairmount Cemetary and NOT at Cheeseman park. She said she wasn't going to include it but still did (I can't direct link to the picture, but they are on the side bar and scroll) and then she didn't credit me with my full name either. I have to say I am actually glad my picture is out there but know my full name. Classy. I guess I can be happy my pictures are "out there" but still it annoys me that while they did utilize the Commons attribution license they didn't use it correctly. Whatever Emma, thank you for using my photo. I am not so ungrateful that I don't appreciate your including it, I am just disappointed that it is used for your purposes incorrectly, but then again... it is her site, not mine, I did let her know that it wasn't what she thought it was and she used it anyway. I guess I can't be that particular. It was nice to be included and I am happy it is used incorrectly even. And she knows, I emailed her. So yay.

Go look at the pretty pretty pictures people have taken of our city. It is a pretty amazing and lovely place. Denver is really a cool town and to see it through photographers who are far more talented than I is a nice thing.

Maybe your City has a site too!

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