Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I am sitting here on the couch... so totally couched... beyond couched. I was going to go and see a movie with F but honestly it didn't happen for a miriad of reasons, all which I am understanding about but still it would have been nice to sit in a darkened movie theater watching the dude from ER be Darby Crash.... but... the movie still will showing next week so it's merely postponement but disappointment none the less, lets be honest.

Instead I am watching a string of documentaries one of them on Moog, which is totally awesome I have to admit. Dad brought one home when we were kids. We played it, it was awesome. And in this documentary there is a a spot about theremins. Who knew Robert Moog made theremin's before his synthesizer. Well me now that I have watched this documentary. Anyways it makes me remember renting a documentary on Theremin which I didn't get to see 12 years ago because F and I broke up the night we were going to watch it and being the good guy that he was and is he returned it to Tower with no late fee. Even then he was a good guy. Yeah I said it.

I am amassing a list of movies to get from Netflix. Dear lord I will be joining I fear. The movie appreciation bug is hitting again. I do appreciate the fact that I was standing in the shower the other day and had this "producer moment". It might not work out but the fact that it is stirring is good news. Very good news. I miss it so very much and am glad that it is coming back. Motivation is not a bad thing to have right now.

I also am getting my house cleaned up a little bit too. The constant quest to get the house clean... oy such a chore but glad to have it going. As always. I like cleaning. I know weird, but I do. It is all about results man... visible results.

Anyways... this is me today. Messie but cleaning up.

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