Sunday, September 21, 2008

Went to dinner with the Bro, SiL and F at Frasca last night.  Honest to goodness, I really honestly thought that the last time I had dinner there it was the best meal that I had ever had... WRONGO... I think last night was absolutley right up there.  It could have been the company, the service, the menu, I don't know but everything was an amalagmation of amazing.

The salumi plate was as good as I remember.  I don't know where the meat came from from honestly the horseradish creme fraiche was just as amazing as I remember. I wanted to lick that plate it was so good.  My heirloom tomato salad was acidic and amazing and the buffalo mozzerrella was tangy and outstanding.  I could have honestly stopped eating right there.  But we had more courses coming our way. 

Our next plates were gnocchi (which were absolutely divine) and rabbit ravioli (serioulsy delicious), both had kale and it was nice to be able to split with F.  If I could only make gnocchi as good as these were I don't think I would ever leave the house.

Then I sat in my chair just languishing in the feeling that I am full, with people I care about and just enjoying the night...then our entrees come.  Our pork with bacon and rosemary vinaigrette was absolutely divine with the Palisades peaches and fingerling potatoes I could have gone home happy at this point.  They had shaved the pork thin and layed it in a bed of olive oil and vinaigrette which made me just swell with how good it was.

Then our deserts came.  We each ordered something.  We should have split two not four.  The carrot cake was amazing.  There was a citris element that was in that cake that was so amazing.  And seriously the apple sorbet on the side... I think my favorite. Now I just have to find a recipe.  The chocolate gelato was like eating a truffle it was that rich and delicious.  So amazing. 

It was hard to leave and we tried to make a reservation for November 8 when the Bro and SiL are back in town but they will be in Fruili then and not back until a week later.  So I will have to try and find another time to get back sooner.  Its been two years which honestly is way too long I think. 

Watching  a couple of episodes of tv I have dvr'd and then I will run some errands before I go to dinner tonite with the fam... happy Sunday and stuff.

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