Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Much better day today. Phew. I knew if I let stuff get to me I would have lost my nut yet again and probably not gotten it back so didn't let anything get to me. Sure I was super duper busy, absolutely I was burdened with some stuff, but... and here is the big but.... If they want to change the theme of the whole program I am down with that I don't care. I have tomorrow to be in the office and Friday I am out on my way to lovely San Diego with the boyf, we are getting a rental car, relaxing by the pool... need to pack the bathing suit (phew glad I remembered, its all 1940s pin up style...niiiiice, basically it covers my ginourmous ass), going on a Trader Joes run and seriously I can be out of work mode until Saturday morning when our program begins.

I won't even have a presentation until Saturday most likely so can't stress at least I know so I won't freak. I am now officially rolling with the punches baby.

Tonite I am going to a club opening, to bar review with F and tommorrow night he is hosting something at RockBar and damn straight I will be there.

Oh and my new favoritest person in the world used the word Criminey in an Instant Message today. She totally rules. I decided that I am sending her a plant for a thankyou for all her hard work she has done for us, she gardens and I think it would be a nice gift.

Ok I have to get dressed for this fancy opening thing which might not be fancy but I want to make sure I am not under dressed, that would just be really bad form being that I am a guest and all.

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