Tuesday, September 02, 2008

goodbye most stressfull day in my job ever...

So I am thrilled to say that it is 8:00 pm and I am home. Have been for a little bit.  Not much but its over workwise today for me.  Gladly I can say its over.  The day simply put was NOT FUN. But the rough patches are over.  I am not going to worry about anything else in regards to this project I am working on.  I mean really it is far from worth it anymore. 

So that being said, after today, sending out an email on the fly that potentially (and innocently enough) went out to over 800 people that it probably shouldn't (but that is what you get for putting the pressure on and not letting us proof an email list but pushing pushing pushing), putting together a list for our executives (without the proper assistance from the sales people that should have supplied me the information), making sure that a small group of people get their airfare (three days before the departure...so very expensive), finding an error in our program and getting the printer to let us redo (and not worrying about the cost, I can't have that on my shoulders, I just can't), giving a bunch of people a lecture about proper and improper behaviour (don't date where you work) and basically being stressy and shutting down the entire day... its over.  I am done. Tomorrow, another day. Tomorrow, if I worry about the presentations I will drive myself crazy, let those bring it with them on jump drives and we will deal over the weekend.

I am ready to plan my working vacation with my boyf.  Thank you very much.  I am just exhausted by the pressure put on me today and over it. Completely over it.  Tomorrow I will drink from the jug of kool-aid and hopefully leave the office before 7. 

I had too many balls in the air today and I cried at my desk.  I will never ever do that again.  Ever.  It isn't worth it. 

So tonite, I am watching a little tv, drinking a TaB and putting this whole thing behind me.