Monday, September 01, 2008

Tales from this year's annual Modern Drunkard Convention.

I had plans to go anyways but when F made the suggestion last week that we would go at least on Saturday night I was actually pretty darn happy. See I loves me the 3 Kings Tavern.  I really don't know why... could it be they love their bands they book?  Maybe. Could it be that it's owned by some of the greatest guys that I have ever met? Possible.  Is it because they really have great bartenders? I don't know.  Either way.... perfect location.

So Saturday night I am walking in and run in to Sam and TJ and the guys from King Rat.  I know potentially what kind of evening I have ahead of me.

I see the aftermath of someone who attempted to run the gauntlet (all the beers on tap - 20 of them - in 8 hours - and full pints mind you.... sounds easy doesn't it - I wouldn't try it -if you do it you don't have to pay for your beers, if you don't you buy and sometimes for everyone else who is trying) just as I am heading in.  Oh babies it is on.

Now a little history, I have read the magazine and nearly almost contributed (me and Heather were going to write a little article but it never materialized) since it's inception.  I was an extra in Frank's film (in the scene(s) shot at PS.  I was pysched it was back here in Colorado, past conventions have been in Vegas and the rumor is next year might be in Chicago (um... yay).

F gets there and he goes in and picks up his convention pass.  Now to be honest I was a little chapped because certainly I can pay for my own pass, not a big deal, but I wasn't sure what he had arranged for. But I was more annoyed that he walked in and didn't say bupkes to me about it and kinda well actually left me outside.  Sam and TJ bless their hearts kept me level and I went in, saw he didn't make arrangements for me (which he usually does, or wasn't able to... I understand it doesn't always happen) and got my pass.

Looked for F, realized....oh we aren't here to hang out and enjoy the show... he's working.  Oh.  So, I get over my disappointment, go and watch the burlesque show and meet up with some guys from San Antonio and their wives.

I think seriously this might have been the best show I have ever seen Buckwild play for the record.  It could have been the PBR talking (I was into my second pint at this point.) but I don't think so. 

I go outside after a bit and am talking to a couple people I know and really just chilling and I realize... I probably should go in and have a shot... it is The Convention afterall (and it is early enough in the evening).  So Sam and I decide to go inside.  I get (and sorry Jimmy... but...) the worst mind eraser ever (he forgot the soda and ice so basically it was kahlua and vanilla vodka in a glass....warmmmmmmm, but I drank it gladly and went to find F.  Went downstairs and looked and the gallery show hanging. (I am hoping that the stuff is still hanging tonite, I really think I want the Dorothy Parker peice, I have been thinking about it all weekend).

We go to sit down and I try and show this guy how to use the manual setting on his camera, he asked by the way, but then wasn't interested, F said he just wanted to look down my dress.  He was a hoot.  He had taken some pictures of his friend with his friends camera phone and not his camera so we teased them about that.  His picture of me is going to be really funny.  F was amused by my bra at that point.  It was the mind eraser-ish causing me to behave badly.  That is my story and I am sticking to it. 

Sam and I meet up with Miriam and we do a Washington Apple shot.  It was delicious.  Doc buys us beers.  I am pacing myself because I know only half of the night has happened and I don't want to end up leaning over anything getting sick. I don't drink much so this was potentially entering territory I didn't really want to be in.  I wasn't drunk but could have gotten there if I tried to keep up with everyone else around me.

This is the "pit" for Fourth Year Freshman... things were about to get crazy....

 This was the jist of the whole evening. 
Chatted with Mike for a bit (he makes a good mind eraser).  Then King Rat played.  Jannelle didn't have her shoes on and got sliced up pretty badly and bled everywhere.  My camera was safely in my car at that point so there is no documentation on my side (F has some though being the journalist he is) besides I was in the "pit" getting my slam on.  I had on boots but even then the floor was awful wet, beer spilled, cocktails spilled, blood and really slippery, it was crazy.  It was something fun I have to admit.  All hail King Rat.  Miriam grabbed me so we got a shot (red bull with a vodka bomber, remember this for later in the story) and went back into the fray.

As the evening wrapped up went out to see Janelle getting her foot worked on by some really nice and hot fireman.  Poor thing, she was bleeding something fierce.  All I know is when I looked down I was covered in blood all over my hands.  One lady was totally freaked and said now "(you) are going to have to go and get tested".  Oh please really?  No.  The firemen were looking flabbergasted by the whole scene, poor guys.  But they were all REALLY pretty.  F stood by taking some pictures and we walked to the parking lot.  Red Bull makes me make stupid decisions by the way and by stupid I mean good and I will leave it at that.  I definately caught him off guard and he belives me now.  Thank you Miriam.  F thanks you too.

Ok so third night.. second night for me....

I get down there about 9.  I knew the night would be much mellower.  See the results of the cocktail napkin art contest (third place is above) see Slackjaw and The Fabulous Boogienauts (they are back bitches) and the final speech by Frank.  Home by one and in bed by 1:15.  It made for a really funny weekend and I got a poster from Mike.  I was talking to him and I was telling him that the poster was my favorite cover ever and he told me when things were packing up I could have it.  I nearly peed my pants.  I am so happy.  I will actually put it up too.  It is a treasure. Nice little capper for the evening. Thanks Modern Drunkard. Zoe loves you. 

Greg finished the gautlet. Luke tried.  Sam and TJ took some great pictures (I only hope that they email them to me).  I had some nice tacos. It was pretty fun.

Today we are going to Louisville for a party, then possibly to RockBar for Mexican BBQ for their kick off of their Second Anniversary week (I will be back on Thursday... F is MCing the Thursday event), then back to 3 Kings for Velvet Cash and Monday Night Panties at the Bar Burlesque and Beers.

Then its back to work.  I think this weekend is my own personal little guantlet.  Happy to run it too.  Its been lots of fun. 

Edited: Adding the Fabulous Westword Slide Show of the festivities... I am thankful there are no shots of me.

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