Thursday, September 04, 2008

I can't tell you how dead on I was about the amount of stress I am going to be under for the next week in regards to work. I leave for our program tomorrow. All I want is mellow and it is going to be high strung awfullness of unpreparedness. I have no presentations. NOT ONE. From a single presenter not one. I have one who says to cancel all the a/v because no one will use it but our Director most certainly DOES have a presentation. Its carap. He refuses to do his own presentations and has called in a department that is KNOWN for overthinking and over producing every single document and I have to just laugh because he is stressed out about how many edits they are doing on 10 slides and I have to stand there and say "I told you so". Because I did. But I will not suffer because of it. I just can't. If we show up with nothing (which potentially is going to happen, thank gawd for jumpdrives) and look like idiots it is NOT for a lack of my trying. I did. I gave it a great effort and for that I can be proud. I put out two fires today one ironically involving my first manager that hired me (he is back but not as my boss, but somethings never die, they put him back in his old office, well I did because I didn't want to have to find a cube for the dude and no one told us he was coming). I remained pretty calm throughout the whole day until at 6 I got asked to plan three programs for 100 people each with two weeks open and one that I won't even be in town for. Seriously? Oh than he wants to discuss it at this program.... are you kidding me? I am not sure you understand what it takes for me to work at these events... jerk. I was pissed and nearly lost it. And I really don't care much at this point to be honest. It is what it is has been my mantra since my boss quit and it will remain for the week. It is what it is. F will be with me and along for the fun activities and dinners and things and that is all I could ask for.

Tonite I am going to go out, baby needs a PBR and repack when I get home and leave for the program and just deal. Coast and chill and do my absolute best to not be high strung and out of control bat shit crazy. I am not going into the office in the morning, just to drop Herschel off at my Mom and Dads and then to the airport. So I deserve a cocktail and adult libation and some F hosted festivities at the RockBar.