Saturday, August 23, 2008

watch out I am political but promise only for this entry for the week...

Obama picked Biden for his VP. Huh. Didn't the guy backhandedly compliment Obama calling him the first clean cut black man? Really interesting. I guess its good that he chose someone with name recognition and a few campaigns behind him (and some smart since he wanted a cross party ticket four years ago - which was brilliant I think) some interesting track record voting that I tend to agree with, more history than the presidential candidate for sure, I think. Also I can't say I don't like Biden but certainly not his policy on Iraq (seriously he voted for the action, and further appropirations, but we are there lets get out smart, but it will certainly incite the protests for sure now). It will amp things up a little bit. He has had two anyuerisms which peanuts is a big deal. Do we really want a veep with that potential to blow a vein in his brain? We might get a president (on the republican side) with melanoma but wow that is serious stuff. I like his (Biden's) foreign track record though (prior to the Iraq war) and has some more experience than the presidential candidate does. So that is a smart move. But very very interesting. I am still waiting to see who McCain picks.

Big doin's over the next week here in Denver because of the DNC, it will be really good to be an outsider non political protester for sure. Certainly I am planning to go down to the "protest cage" for the freak show but that is all, I will not get involved with any "action". I am planning to wear a "non-protestor" shirt or something so should something happen I am out of the fray. The second it gets ookie (which it will because of Biden) I am outie. PoPo has though asked that I report in where I go and where I am. See she is in the command center all week so she said she is worried for my safety should something go down. Thank goodness for text messaging because she can immediately let me know if something is going down too. Something silly we need to see or something to stay away from. She will text if something happens we can't miss.

But I have to be careful seriously what I pass along information wise as the boyf works for a newspaper, my friend M runs an online news media outlet and I am surrounded by media of somesort most nights and have been fortunate enough to contribute to both in ways over the past 8 months. Its never been an issue before this week, but I assured her that I will be the most discrete I have ever been with the information she shares. I like having an "in" and the knowledge that I am cared about by my friends.

Ok off to get ready for my night out. The parties, events and excitement on a cultural level begin tonite which is great. This is really what I am the most excited about.

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