Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am getting ready for my evening. I was beginning to slow down a little bit after I got off hte phone with PoPo. I was really worn out from work today I put in almost 11 hours. I know that there are people who work far harder than I do but I was whipped. But I am watching the Drag Queen challenge on Project Runway and can I be honest, those ladies rocked my world. Seriously... if I can't get my act together enough to stand in front of the mirror and put on one layer of lipstick when those ladies really seriously work IT than I really am super sad. So those ladies kicked my ass in gear.

Plus secretly there is something really great about hearing Heidi Klum say "we have seen it before, you do not have anything else to show us". But that being said I promise this probably will be the last episode I watch because really I am not so much interested in this fashion they are working.

I am getting all sorts of motivated now for sure. I am not going out tonite all crazy but I am definately going to not kvetch about being tired and not wanting to put any make up on.

Tomorrow I am going up to Boulder with F for L'Atelier I am sooooo damn pysched! What a good sport. I don't know if he is really as much into is as I am but I am excited, the whole thing came out of my need for the Pirates of the Caribbean Pez and wanting to go to Powells Candy on the Pearl Street Mall on Tuesday and not having enough time, it just jammed into something really rad. I don't know if I will have enough time tomorrow night but seriously I will have teh decent amazing meal so I don't really care.

I also on a whim just staged my house, for an online promotion for Jonathan Adler's Happy Home Chic contest. The contest ends tomorrow so I totally had to jam it out. I loves me some Jonathan Adler, we all know that. And it was a total thrill to take some pictures of MY happy home and share them with what I am sure is his webmaster. I don't stand a snowflakes chance in somewhere tropical of winning but still it was such a hoot. THANK YOU Mr. Adler. I promise, with the gift card the Bro and SIL sent me for the birthday this year, I will fill my house will some more treasures, but shhhhhh and I am whispering this now.... shhhhhh.... are you listening ..... i would love to win......

I am off to put on some makeup, go out on the town and have a fun night on my solo own!

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