Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama's speech...

and Teddy Kennedy's speech kicked my ass all over the place... no one can speak to American Politics, and the healthcare crisis more than he can. I might not necessarily agree with some of his voting record or his entitled behaviour in the past, but certainly watching him give this speech here in Denver was absolutely stimulating and energizing potentially to those who actually are paying attention to what he said.

both certainly were doing their jobs... well.

Tonite the jagoffs from ReCreate 68 got just what was coming to them, shut down the streets "protesting" and you will get sprayed... Glenn you are a putz and seriously... what did you expect? So some people got arrested but duley so. And this is exactly why I didn't go downtown tonite when I thought about it for a minute. I will possibly go downtown tomorrow night but will go and check it out in the daylight to the mall on Wednesday. I have a mission for a coffee cup and a special tshirt for the bro...(is this kinda what you are looking for The Bro? This is what I was envisioning...).

For now I am going to watch South Park and wait for Jon Stewart to further rock my political ass...

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Booger said...

That tshirt is essentially what I was looking for (and BTW, I actually found that same link about 2 minutes after we hung up the phone).

However, the one I saw (and want) looked essentially the same, but was worn (ie. it looked old, but I am sure wasn't).

Also, I don't want to spend $25 for a tshirt (I saw others online for $27 - and I am sure shipping wasn't free).

Next time in am at DIA, I will check the gift shops. I bet they will have what I am looking for.