Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barak Obama's uncle helped to liberate Buchenwald? I am totally voting for him now. Thank you Charlie Payne whereever you are. Nice move by Kerry's speech writers to vet that information. Appeals to the Jews a little more now. I want this guy elected for alot of reasons. Robert F Kennedy believes in his environmental record, I am completely batshit rah rah over the whole thing. The convention has me drinking the KoolAid big time. Tomorrow I go back downtown for the festivities and am super pysched. Tonite laid low, had to get some things done around here and am glad I did. I was not about to pay $12 buck to get into the Nadar rally to see Nelly McKay because seriously the money would go to Nadar and I think he is a distraction and a tool. So happy to stay home. And to watch Biden's acceptance speech I can't help but wonder if this would have been his Presidential nomination speech. This was really quite amazing. There were honestly parts of his speech and his sons that I was in tears. Good job. I like that he oopsed and slipped the George/John thing in there... thats real. I am drinking the KoolAid so give me the biggest glass you can get me.

Last night was amazing. It didn't really hit me how special it was until I was running through my pictures (100 of the nearly 800 are uploaded on my flickr). We went to see ETown being taped. I wasn't all that enthused and honestly I will tell you when F gave me the extra press pass he got I nearly crapped my pants. Seriously this was huge, it meant I had access. This was really an amazing opportunity for me. And seriously it didn't hit me how special this opportunity it was until I was looking through them tonite. Holy moley this was crazy for me to have that type of access, I am so lucky. I am a really really lucky girl in so many ways.

I talked with this lady usher named Margaret. She was a hoot. I won't ever forget her and seriously I do hope that I am able to say hello to her again. She was absolutely a trip and she liked my pictures and we talked art. I said to F it was like a weird first date since she started to tell me all this wacky stuff about herself while I was chilling out in the hall during the Q & A.

Got the go ahead we are going to the Modern Drunkard Convention this weekend too. Wooo hoooo. Good bands, good beer at my second favoritest place.

And Nora Dunn verbally spanking Pat Robertson just now was brilliance to see.

Oh and Bro...thanks for not passing my phone number on for the Al Franken fundraiser. I don't pay to get into anything these days it seems! Like I said lucky girl.

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