Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One more thing before I go ... I am so glad that I work where I work now versus where I worked before.  I love that I have The Firm on my resume, do not get me wrong and seriously honestly it was a huge honor to work for The Firm, but holey moley all that makes me grateful batman.... I am really glad I work where I do now. Sure things are hectic for me right now, it always is around this time of the year because of my event schedule, but wowza...this week would have me going completely grey.  I see the news and profiles and I have to say in my head thank you putzface for calling me into that conference room that day and "letting me go even though its been a good run" it possibly was the best thing you ever could have done for me.  I can enjoy as a spectator and not as a stressed out little peanut.  Hope your heart holds out and you don't have another heart attack.  Also let Big T know I talk about the Rockmount shirt to this day.  There were good times but glad to know I am not in the middle of the crazy now.  I hope J is holding out alright which reminds me I need to email L and check in on her too.  It was a honor to be there but I am glad I am not now.

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