Sunday, August 03, 2008

I have two things I have to say... Fez rules. So hard. So freakin' hard. Angela at Sprint customer retention rules almost but not as much, but she still is pretty awesome.

Now some people who know me know that I have had little to no signal at my house on the cell side for like ever and it has been a struggle and frustration for me because honestly I thought all cell providers would be like that. But AT&T has full coverage, F's cell phone worked in my house and it started the whole crazy.

I have five bars now on my new fancy fantastic birthday gift phone.

So I was at the mall today running an errand and thought... for giggles I will walk by the apple store I will see if they have any IPhones in. There was no sign up saying that they were out so long story short they did and I walked out today with my fancy new magic f gift of a fantastic phone. I am really amazed and shocked that at 3:30 this afternoon on a Sunday that they had any phones in. My plan was to start checking in earnest this week before work but now, I don't have to, I am really excited.

So... I came home and called Sprint to confirm what my final charges will be and they said that there was an early termination fee, but I explained that there are notes, my situation and I was supposed to have my account on month to month but the account rep reupped my contract and there wasn't any turning back, except to put a note on my account to remove the fee when I terminated.

So Angela..see she totally went above and beyond and took the fee off and was super nice about it. I mean I was super duper nice to her as well, and we had a nice conversation. She told me to go and do something nice for myself today.... she really should take her own advice, since she really was very nice. She was really so great and I want to say, if I had bars in the house, I wouldn't have gone this route maybe... oh who am I kidding the IPhone fucking rules and I am still whigged completely that F got it for me for my birthday.

I had a really great breakfast with F this morning too. We went over to the breakfast joint over in Lowry. What made it so great? Well listening to this awful woman talk and talk and talk, but she did say something really obnoxious, she said when she gets pregnant she wants it to be like Rachel so she can date... really? Sorry to say this... but Friends is a television show and you will NOT date if you are pregnant and should you be with the father of the baby? NOT dating... what the hell... bloody hell she yammered on and on. What was really so delicious was watching F eat his pancakes. And I totally dug my english muffin with orange marmalade.

I am catching up some movies tonite and then hopefully tomorrow I will get some tutorials on how to use the phone for all it is worth besides the phone. I will have him point me in the direction that makes the absolute most of its capabilites. I am so pysched and so beyond grateful I can't explain it.

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