Saturday, August 02, 2008

So this afternoon I have been pretty much couched, while cutting and pasting recipes from my starred items in my reader. I also have decided that probably starting in September I am going to start working on making every recipe that I find online that looks worthy because seriously if I don't it is just an excersize in futility.

I am going to meet up with F a little bit later, I am thrilled to bits I don't have to shlep out in the heat to meet him now, which is magical, he is so nice to me. It is 95 out which I know for some isnt' a big deal, but holy it is to me. So not having to go out to see some great music and bands tonite meaning right now is probably the nicest thing he could do for me prior to like midnight I am thinking.

Watching Suicide Kings which was on IFC earlier last week. I don't want to say it is bad, but really it isn't very good. The soundtrack started out promising even but uh this really hasn't gotten any better. I figured the twist when they announced it dialouge wise. I hate that. But the cast is pretty impressive, lots of little cameos (the widowmaker!) which is fun.

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