Saturday, July 26, 2008

New entry on the new laptop... yes I went back, yes I was very nice, and yes I used my Dad's resale account so I didn't pay taxes and saved $70 yeah that is what I am talking about.

Anyways, catching up on Mad Men tonite for a while, and then I will head out in about 30 minutes to 3Kings and I will be seeing Boss 302.  I am so pysched.  I am glad to be going to their reunion show. I actually should leave now because parking is going to be a mess.

Last night was awesome. Dinner at Rioja was amazing and delicious and I really liked being the one to pay.  I have to say because F is so good to me, it really is the least that I can do, buy him a delicious dinner. Then we went across the street to Comedy Works and saw Dave Attell.  Holy crap was he great, the openers were great and I have never had better seats in my life in that room... literally we were right next to Dave freakin' Attell. I swear to gawd I wish we had been a little further away because I could have completely geeked out.  So after the show we were standing outside and I got to say hello... I behaved myself and didn't even ask for a picture.  I should have but I didn't want to be that weird geekie fan girl. Went to a birthday party of sorts and came home.  It was a great evening. 

Ok I am heading out, will expand when I get home.

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