Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trying to decide if I am going to do a one day or two day pass to the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. I mean seriously holy moley how great is the Denver Music Scene? Zoinks.

Also there is a pancake breakfast at 3 Kings on Sunday Morning. I have a real fondness for the 3 Kings. Seriously. Last night went to see Boss 302... yeah that Boss 302. They were awesome. Really hard to get a good picture, but I am learning the settings of my camera a little bit more so it is always really good practice any time I get to shoot.  Last night after the show F and I chilled out for a bit in the parking lot.  I said absolutely nothing and didn't insinuate anything and finally had to say that I wasn't in this to put any pressure for any kind of desision and ressure him at all and I am happy just chilling out by the car chatting a little bit which was good. Because seriously it was fun fun fun. 

Ran into BDLu outside. Too funny. He just happened to be there which was really weird but awesome.

Went to family brunch this morning at my Aunt's house because some of our cousin's were in from out of town. And it is really nice to have the family get together. But wowza there is some interesting weirdness going on that I observed. It was something. But good to see that as weird as I am I am not as weird as some.

Spending the day inside watching some stuff that Steevoh has saved for me.  Happiest inside, with no lights on the a/c turning on and off and my just relaxing on the couch doing some writing.  Its all good.  In fact really good.  I want chinese food for dinner though.  I might have to call in an order to Red Coral.  It sounds really delicious right now.  And it is barley 2:15.  I got some serious tv to catch up on. 

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