Friday, July 25, 2008

this is a long one, but I have little else to do today...

So today I have largely been sitting here in my cubie listening to songs about the F Train and Worlds of Suck. Neither of which I can actually relate to but when Mike Doughty sings them they are quirkie and fun.  I don't care that he might not stray too far outside his comfort zone songwriting wise, but this music does make me pretty happy actually.  I loved Soul Coughing and was really bummed that I didn't get to see them on their last tour, but they were supposed to play with Morphine at the Paramount and when Mark Sandman died the tour collapsed understandibly.  And now that I think about it I don't think he has ever actually played in Denver, just Boulder. And now I would shlep up there, but not then apparantly.

I had a little freak out moment last night.  Like a big but good freak out.  Don't worry everything is totally fine Valentine, just me whiggin'.  I am going to have to say it put it out in the world.  I had a little moment of clarity and realized I have to.  I was halfway thinking that I wouldn't have to but I think its going to be on my shoulders to handle burden of putting it in the world. And I guess I am ok with it.

Just came back from a very frustrating 10 minutes in MicroCenter.  The dude they sicked on me to sell me a computer was worthless. Now I know, sometimes I can be difficult... nooooo really I know this... but I would have been the easiest customer all day, I went in there knowing what computer I wanted. The model number everything.  I just wanted to hold it and see if I was going to end up with a 20 pound sucker or it is less than what I have now.

Had it not been for the freakin' alarm system that is on the computers when you freakin' pick them up I honestly think I would have been out of there having paid for a computer.  But I lifted it up to see how heavy it was. It set this guy off and he thought I was trying to steal the demo I think.  He treated me dismissively like an idiot to boot.  My gawd its a laptop, you want to know how heavy it is right?  Well then there are no batteries in the thing either so of course it feels really light... so I inquired about whether they have the batteries to put in there so I can get a gauge of the weight and he said "no" we don't do that because batteries "don't weigh anything".  What? Really?  Huh...

So then the alarm goes off and the helper dude gets all up in my craw and says "ma'am you really need to be careful these are very delicate machines and are very sensitive to movement". Ok the alarm might be sensitive but certainly the notebooks/machines are not. Shut up.  I just put it back down. It is the alarm putz that is sensitive.

So I am looking at the schematics of the hard drive on the computer.  He asked what I was doing, and I said I just wanted to make sure the hard drive was 250GB because that is pretty substantial for the price I am looking at with the price tag.

The hard drive was partitioned which I can't say effects me one way or another, but I asked if the hard drive comes partitioned and he said "I don't know", so I said, "can you find someone that might know, I just don't want any surprises, even though I know it doesn't really matter that much, just the way it is set up on the demo they split it out to 111GB each and that is a loss of almost 30 GB which is substantial".  Then he says "no it isn't".  WHAT? I hate you and have to leave now. So lame.

Sweet baby jebus that is ridiculous I am thinking.

So I stood there with a blank look on my face thinking this guy can't be for real, he MUST be fucking with me.  So I smiled at him gave him a little jokie elbow rub and said "seriously now".  Then he said, and I kid you not, "are you going to want it or not".  Wowza.  I turned and walked out.  I want to cry for this 50ish nebbishie guy who has no sales skills whatsoever, because he was soooo clueless.  Maybe I will go back tomorrow, I don't know.  It just blew my little computer buying mind because I would have walked out with a computer just like a snap of the fingers, but he lost the sale by being a jerk.  And treating me like a dumb woman who doesn't know anything. 

Listen here peanut... you lost the sale.  Big time.  I would have even thought about buying other peripherals which would have budded your sales but nope peanut... I hate you.  I kind of want to go in tomorrow all pretty woman like.  I am half tempted to go back in now. 

But in really good news, I am taking F to dinner since he totally is hooking me up with the magic that is Dave Attell at Comedy Works tonite.  Super Pysched for the whole shibang.  Going to leave early so I can all gussied up like.


valentine said...

uh, aunti pickles!
this post needs to be copied & pasted in an email to *microcenter*.
that is RIDICULOUS!!!

please, tell me you'll do it!

Anonymous said...


My name is Brenda and I am with the Corporate Offices of Micro Center in Ohio. We regularly monitor blogs for customer feedback as we care about what out customers have to say. I truly apologize for the lack of service you were provided and would like to discuss this matter with you. If you would be kind enough to provide me with some contact information at I will contact you so that I can address this issue. Thank you very much for sharing this information and I look forward to contacting you.

Micro Center Customer Relations