Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have 8 minutes before I can leave the office today....

I have two things to say... I seriously have to file tomorrow otherwise I am going to go completely batshit by the pile stacked up on my desk.  Second all the drama going on in our department I could loose my ever living mind.  I swear if something doesn't happen soon I might have to sit at my desk and put my head down and just ignore the phone. BUT that being said, I am almost caught up on everything save the stupid f'n filing. 

Tonite I am going to see Ween.  I kinda would like to take a pass but F got to the good seats and I will enjoy I am sure.  I just am really high strung because of this work mishegas that I would love to sit in a nice big tub (obviously not at my house that is for sure) and listen to a little bach and take a chill pill.  But sadly I will have to save that for another time because just ain't gunna happen.

I haven't slowed down for a moment today, but it is good.  Keeps my mind off little smokies.  But I got dizzy this afternoon and felt like I was going to pass out.  That was scarey.  Really scarey.  Didn't like that at all.  Glad I wasn't standing up and filing.  Hee.

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