Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am avoiding filing....again....

Reading the reviews from the Low show last night, which would have been more interesting than the show I did go to.  Now don't get me wrong.  I really had an interesting time at the show I did go to, we had the superstar sweet seats but still it wasn't a full evening show for us.  The show which I went to was Ween (*but not the show reviewed in the link because that was the night before... but you will get the gist from someone that really does know the music which I don't*). The show was not bad mind you, it just unfortunately for me (and my escort too) was very boring. It was so stinkin' loud my ears were ringing even though I was wearing noise reducing ear plugs.  I went into the bathroom just so I could get a minute or two of less noise with the ear plugs out.  It was something.  Two beers and we were done.  (There will be some pictures in flickr tomorrow probably).  The crowd was really into it and I did walk away with this new song in my head, which is not a bad thing, but it was mostly because I was trying to hear the lyrics when they were singing and I totally thought I heard cream puffs and bourbon, which I did.  Which I thought was incredibly funny for some reason.  But that is about all I got out of the  show. 

They may have played Push the Little Daisies, which we played the shit out of the video for later in the evening but we didn't stay. 

So to my point... I forgot to post how much when we went to see Wilco how much I really enjoyed the opening band.  So reading the Low review I immediately remembered to look up Alan Sparhawk then found the band name:  Retributution Gospel Choir.

So there it is... saw Ween, missed Low, but had a really delicious dinner and remembered the Retribution Gospel Choir. 

And now for reals I am totally going to do my filing.  I have to. I am going to be a good girl and get it done. Get it off my desk so it isn't taunting me anymore like it has been for the month.  I figure if I have time to post a blog entry I totally have time to put on the headphones and just get this done.  It is torture and I keep putting it off.  Like right now. Ok seriously now kiddies... I am logging this and putting on my filing shoes.

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