Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The world's most annoying and boring blog entry...

I am sitting here on the couch listening whistfully to Nick Cave breaking my heart with every breath. I have a couple of shows that I am going to tonite and strangely can't get motivated. I am having this issue. See... here it is... I keep brushing my teeth and the backs of the bottom row STILL aren't feeling clean and it is annoying the bejebus out of me. I might have to break out the Sonicare and go at it. But Nick and a set of violins and cellos are slaying me. If my make up wasn't decent I probably would break out a tear or many.

The house is a complete disaster too. I have some serious cleaning to do but couldn't get motivated at all to do it tonite when I came home from work.

cool... just got a half hour reprieve from having to leave the house. Awesomeness. Time to take advantage and clean a little bit. Really its just putting some shoes away, cleaning up the magazines that have piled up on my kitchen table, running the dishwasher and stuff like that...tedious b.s., glad to be given this little gift of time, and with Elvis Costello and the Attractions now on my Ipod I can jam through the minor little chores.


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