Monday, June 23, 2008

So George Carlin passed away yesterday. He was essential in my media upbringing strangely enough. When we were bored in the promotions office at the radio station that I worked at for a while we would sit around and go down the list of dirty words and make up phrases that would go along with it but were kind of clean. kind of. Ross even put "teabag" on our bosses screensaver and it stayed there for about 6 months. It was hillarious. Because she never changed it ever. I think I called our morning jock a turb at a live remote. Yeah turb. Not turd..but turb. Just to see what he would do. It was our bible. While he only had seven words, I think our list had like 50.

When I went on to produce the tv show I really had to watch what artists said in interviews because I remembered what was on that list. Only once did we have to edit an interview because of the "list". And it was Marilyn Manson and he asked our vj if she would go down. That was it. Innocuous but still.... you know... filthy.... stupid Marilyn Manson. That is why I can't stand him. He was deliberate. It wasn't a slip, deeee libbb erate.

So when you say your next "filty word", you shit, just remember George Carlin went to the Supreme Court for you to be able to say what you want to.

Rest in Peace George, you will be missed.

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