Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am all sorts of WEPped up in this mo fo now....

So my network crashed. No biggie tried to fix it myself. No go. Had to call Belkin technical service. Seriously for a $39.99 router they really do come through with their free technical service, but only ONCE you get connected to someone that knows what they are doing and saying. I spoke to "Sammy" first. Bless his ever living heart but he didn't help me at all, so I asked if he could connect me to someone else. Now "Bobby" (his real name was SanJay I asked he didn't want to tell me...I said it's ok, I am happy to know his real name) was a magician.

I have WEP installed but my network wasn't working on WEP but WPA and was conflicted and too much network traffic (meaning my stinking neighbor... who has busted into my network before...) was downloading and jammed me up. So we changed all my configurations, he "Bobby"/SanJay showed me how to block outside surfers and showed me where to change my WEP key, when ever I need to again.

I heart this guy. Everything is working faster now. It is amazing. I feel like I have a brand new lease on surfing life now. Seriously this afternoon my internet was molasses because of it, stuff wouldn't load, it was awful. Now I know why.

Just went for a little walk with Herschel and my neighbor was on his patio with his laptop. I was really nice and said this: "I am sorry but you can't poach my connection anymore for your downloads, it really REALLY jacked me up man." He said- "oh I didn't know it was you"... yeah right. He said - "I was wondering what was going on with my movie".... so he was streaming shit off my connection. It explains ALOT.

Cleaning up my laptop (again...thanks Bro... I love it) and freeing up some space as well tonite. Doesn't hurt.

Met a new friend online from the Fluid show. He is going to use my pictures on his site, which amuses me NO END I have to admit because I think they blow. If I had known Friday night what I found on Saturday night they really would have been good. But still super nice.

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