Thursday, June 26, 2008

World Mosaic Created From 1001 Web 2.0 Logos

this is pretty durnkuhl...

I am going to try and find my company logo, I am sure it is in there somewhere (even though we are far from a web2.0 situation here at workiepoo... seriously... time suckage since I only have 20 more minutes to go for the day (can't be in an OT situation... oh no that would be bad)... and our database server is down so literally I can not do the work that I have to do, but certainly can wait until tomorrow.

Aenka and Wolf Eyes pictures will be up when I get home. Aenka (well I am biased) and Wolf Eyes tore my shit up.  Wolf Eyes were LOUD and when I say LOUD I mean LOUD and yet probably would have been louder if they could have and when I was taking pictures up front I just stood there feeling it in my bowels.  yeah that is the point.  Some guys were dancing hard, rocking out, others were just swaggering and rocking back and forth, alot of people stood there.  I couldn't stand still and was beyond grateful that I finally got those stoopid earplugs out of the case. But once they were in my ear canal all was good.  I want a suitcase like they have that makes noises like that...alot.

Found yet another piece of bathroom wisdom at the Hi-Dive.  Always something new to read while tinkling or washing your hands or reapplying lipstick. 

Can't find my IPod Charger. Thought it was in my desk but I really remember taking it home.  Add that to my list of things to do tonite I suppose.  The list also includes pictures at the Westword Music Showcase Awards, I am hoping a deep fried twix or similar candy bar is in my future tonite as well... but I don't know what will happen, finish off one of my little cheapo cameras so I can take that film to Walgreens and get processed, hopefully some shinanegans will ensue at some point tonite I am totally feeling it being necessary, and do a little cleanin'. 

Lovin' that I am leaving in 6 minutes.  Sweet. 

Didn't exactly post that yesterday when I wanted too... oops.

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