Monday, June 30, 2008

Surprisingly low key today considering the cluster of crazy I have going on.  Big event tomorrow, trying to be very zen about the whole thing.  It is what it is at this point and I can't make myself too crazy about the last minute stuff.  I have in the past and all it does is make my blood pressure sky rocket and my attitude suck so best to remain calm and chill.

Had to take Herschel to the vet on an emergent little situation this morning.  He is fine now, but even then remained calm and collected and dealt with the situation at hand with grace and decorum which shocked the bejebus out of me. I was exactly right in what the situation was and told the vet, Dr. Steve, I needed to be kept up on everything that was going down as it happened because I am trusting him to not repeat the debacle of the teeth cleaning situation.  He seemed a little defensive, as he should be, but there would be no unapproved issues going into this.  So I will have a Herschel lamp (according to my Mom) which is funny for a couple of days but my baby is better and that is all I can care about right now.

Today is my Bro's birthday, I hope he gets my cards on time.  I tried to make it happen but who knows.  That being said... Happy Birthday Bro!  YOU RULE! 

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valentine said...

what happened to puppykins?!!!

(i have business hours now! 9 to 5 more or less...)