Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back from Atlanta, short of giving away too much information about things I had an AMAZING time. Woke up with about an hour and a half to depart from Denver, made it to the gate just as boarding started... it was perfection, no worries. Got to Atlanta, after what can only be described as a really nice flight. We met up with one of F's friends for a few minutes and then went and caught the MARTA to the hotel. Better than a cab for sure. Walking to the hotel saw a sign for my dad's company. It isn't like I didn't know that he did business outside of the metro area, but it was a hoot to see the signs up on a lot that we just happened to walk by. Went and checked into the hotel. It was a nice joint. A little on the strange side, like only plastic cups, no glass glasses and signs to "conserve water" all over. I had originally reserved a room with this special rate that had us on the fifth through ninth floor, but we were given a corner room with views out both windows and a juliet balcony on the 17th floor it was gorgeous out the window, the room was a hotel room... but very nice (pictures will be up on my flickr). We went to get some dinner and had a mediocre burger, but a good beer. Went to the show at the fabulous (and I mean gorgeous Fox Theater which was directly across the street. While we were waiting in line, I got a memory vibe of waiting to get into the Elitch's theater when I was a girl, it was neat. The show, Tom Waits was made made me cry a couple of times, rejoice in a couple of other ways, sit and be in awe many others. I am so damn fortunate that I was asked to go because seriously this was ah may zing. Every moment. I am bummed though that I didn't bring in my camera, some people did have their cameras with them but I didn't want to risk it. I have the memory of being in the 1st row behind the pit, dead center with Tom Waits literally 25 feet in front of me unobstructed for 2 1/2 hours. I am one lucky girl. I asked F a couple of times if he wanted to switch seats, because his view wasn't unobstructed by people and he let me stay so I could see well. That is pure kindness. Walked after the show to a little bodega and bought beers, waters and energy drinks. The 10 year old watching the cash register was adorable. Can I say the XXX raspberry acai berry and pomegranate VitaminWater rules. We went back to the room and caught the end of a Sopranos episode and then a movie came on. I pegged the movie by name before the second credit came up... a plane lands and I know immediately it is Die Hard (seeing that movie 300 times at the Continental that summer, ok an exaggeration, but still I saw it alot, helped alot). I wish I had money on it. It was a moment. Leisurely morning on Sunday, and went to have breakfast. Because we didn't have a car we asked the front desk what the options were, his suggestion was Waffle House. God damn I love the South. We actually ended up at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. It wasn't great, it wasn't awful but it was certainly weird. Really really surreal. But I had some grits and bacon and maybe the best blintzes I have had in a long time. Outside on the street in front of our hotel was the main parade route for the Atlanta Pride Fest. I loves me a parade, but it was pouring rain. POURING. But eventually the parade began, there were some really nice people out front and one lady who covered me with her umbrella while I was taking a couple of pictures, I gave her the budwiser key chain that was thrown at me from a float, wee! She was whigged I was "so generous"... its swag, not my gig, but enjoy honey... Jammed to the MARTA station a couple blocks away in the downpour, it possibly was the funnest moment because all I wanted to do was take advantage of the moment and it was so wet and so crazy parade-ey it was just weird and fun. Our plane got delayed at the airport and we sat and read, probably because of the thunderstorms and weather, we never got the real story. It was really nice. I went to the Starbucks on our concourse, and the counter girl was really cool, she really liked her job and was so neat. I wanted to hug her. I can't say much more because I don't want to gush too much more, but the show was unreal and it was a great 36 hours. I am a little sad to be back truth be told.

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