Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I have spent most of the night trying to edit out a scene in this award video thing for our presentation on Thursday. This has been an excersize in futility because the company that generated the original dvd made it with 2 second chapters which has made my job MISERABLE. I am walking away from this. I hate that it has gotten the best of me tonite. I had so many other things that I wanted to do but I am sitting here editing 2 second chapters for literally four minutes of video. It is maddening. And the software that I had for this isn't on my laptop anymore. I can't find a link to the site where I downloaded it either. It was so kick ass and now I am trying to make Window's Media editor work, and while its good I have to convert the entire 59 minute presentation to mpeg then clip then blah blah blah. Its so frustrating. I need to just find a good editing software, spend the flippen 40 bucks or whatever and just walk away, but I can't remember what the software was that looked so amazing.

And if I get one more comment that I wouldn't be dealing with this if I had a mac it won't be too soon... and of course I don't get invited over to actually use the frikken mac... just the smart ass aside comment that I should be using a mac. Whatever boy... I will find the software I need and be happy. I would love a mac but seriously I haven't actually paid for a computer oh in say ever so why would I shell out the cash... I can find the software.

I am going to grab a beer (yes I am going to celebrate my failures by drinking a HeBrew) and surf for software, that will chill me out.

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