Friday, May 30, 2008

I am freakin'....

So I was talking tonite to PoPo about the fact that the Magic 8 Ball is not a toy and I take it's prophecies deadly seriously, I did when I first bought it 12 years ago on a lark. That I believe in its truths and really seriously believe in it is not something I joke about at all. So she tests me. She says ask it something you think you know what the answer will be.

So I did. And it said... It is Definate or something like that... And I thought oh right sure I doubted it for a minute but realized that I believe in it and it's truths and we will just see. So wouldn't you know it... it was right. It was absolutely 100% right which freaked me out when it came true I have to admit. I really really thought holy crap, this is truely honestly NOT a toy and this just proves it right now, tonite. And I have the proof because for some reason it recorded....downloadable and everything, so there it is, me in all my potty mouth glory, which is really even crazier... all of a sudden I heard "this is now being recorded" WHAT? Really....? What button did I hit that this is recorded for all posterity now, I do not recall and weird too huh? Badass.

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