Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had this whole post drafted...

But I decided that I am going to completely change it because seriously it really had to do with not having enough caffiene and food in my system so I was completely crabby.  I mean beyond crabby. So now I am better.  I made some scrambled eggs and green chile and it was terrific and just what I needed to get a little back on track.

I was sent the following video today: and it helped to make my day a little better.  In a weird and strange way Herve singing on Carson (or whatever show) was really sweet and endearing.  I met him once when I was about 12 and at some celebrity tennis event. We were encouraged at the time (I was in the girlscouts) to volunteer and that was one of the events we went to.  It was kind of fun at the time and I will remember how weirdly nice he was and I am sad that he killed himself.  So it was a really nice little uumph of strange to get that in my email today.  I don't know if F knew that I needed something weird and sweet today but it worked.

And here I am sitting on my couch watching I Am Trying to Break Your Heart that F brought over on Saturday.  I didn't know how Warner dropped Wilco when this record came out.  I had no clue.  This was just a really interesting documentary and the guy from Rolling Stone made a really great point that 20 years from now people will appreciate how great this band really is.  I certainly learn so much more and love Wilco more each time I hear more and more from them and more and more about them. And some of the shots are just amazing but it was shot by a photographer and not a cinematographer per se.  And it is really interesting it being shot in B&W which really was nice.  I kinda wish I had seen this before we went up / down (I can't remember what it is) to the Springs, but que sera.  This has made for a great night for me because I have no pressure, no where particularly to go and can just sit here and dig the night. 

I might have to finish off some wine and it might even be better now that I have given it some time (a couple days) to open up.  I might actually sleep better tonite than I did last night.  Who knows all I know is I am definately better off tonite than I was last night and it probably contributed hugely to my shit-tastic afternoon.  But I refuse to go to bed crabby.  So this was just the magic audio visual pill I needed. 

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